Creative freedom

Say goodbye to design constraints. The SW150 Mark II system lets you use filters with a more extensive range of ultra-wide angle lenses than ever before. With a design adapted from its predecessor, the SW150 is compatible with:

  • Our range of neutral density graduated and standard filters
  • Polariser
  • ProGlass IRND
  • Little, Big, and Super Stopper

Spend less time worrying about how to get that perfect shot, and more time taking it.

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SW150 Adaptor Rings

The SW150 Mark II fits via a lens adaptor specifically designed for that particular lens. Each adaptor consists of a front ring, a compression ring, and a locking ring. When fitted, these form a collar that remains on the lens at all times.

Systems Match

SW150 Stoppers

Our Stopper filters extend exposure times, making moving elements such as clouds, waterfalls, or rivers appear blurred or ghostlike. They are available in different strengths providing varying levels of exposure and affecting scenes in different ways.

Little Stopper Big Stopper

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The Big Stopper & Little Stopper

SW150 Polarisers

Our polarisers remove potentially distracting reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as glass and water. They also increase colour saturation. The SW150 system features its own circular polarising filter that can be used alone or with a grad filter.

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SW150 ND Filters

Our range of neutral-density graduated filters are used to balance the exposure within a scene, typically between a bright sky and darker land. They are available in a range of different strengths and gradations. The SW150 system features ND grads in soft, medium, hard, and very hard versions, making them suitable for nearly all eventualities.


SW150 Specialist Filters

Our range of specialised filters are suitable for a variety of creative effects. Used subtly, they can enhance scenes in-camera for very natural results. Options include fog & mist, black & white photography filters, and a solar eclipse filter.


SW150 ProGlass IRND

Precision glass ND Standards reduce the exposure across the frame. These filters are remarkably neutral, with virtually no colour shift and extremely accurate stop values. They block both infrared and ultraviolet pollution, so blacks remain pure and clean while colours are crisp, punchy, and vibrant.


SW150 Accessories

Our range of accessories will help you look after your equipment. These include the Lightshield to stop flare from spoiling images, ClearLEE Filter Wash to remove greasy marks and fingerprints or salty residues, pouches and wraps to keep your filters dry and clean, and a Stopper case to protect your Stopper filters from unwanted knocks.


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