Stay glassy

The ProGlass range was developed in response to a demand from the movie industry for ND filters that could stand up to the rigours of the film set. Now, we’ve made those same filters available to the photographic industry, along with longer exposure versions that have been made possible thanks to technological advances in coating.

Manufactured from 2mm-thick, optically flat glass, ProGlass IRND filters not only prevent focus shift, they are also durable and long lasting.

ProGlass IRND filters are available in six different versions:

  • 0.6ND (2 stops)
  • 0.9ND (3 stops)
  • 1.2ND (4 stops)
  • 1.8ND (6 stops)
  • 3ND (10 stops)
  • 4.5ND (15 stops)

Wider possibilities

The 6, 10, and 15-stop filters feature a foam seal, which fits snugly to the filter holder to avoid light leaks. All IRND filters should be used in the slot closest to the lens for the most secure fit.

ProGlass IRND filters can be used in conjunction with the likes of neutral density grads and a polarising filter for even greater control of the in-camera image.

ProGlass IRND Exposure Guide and Timer

We’ve developed an app to accompany the ProGlass IRND range, making it easy for you to calculate the precise exposure when using any of the filters or when combining filters.

The app also includes a countdown time that’s particularly handy for long and ultra-long exposures.

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