No glare, no problem

Polarising filters manage light at wavelength scale. They remove reflected glare, giving the impression of saturating colours in a scene for images that pop.

Constructed using a lightweight, high-transmission polariser glass, with a subtle warm tone to help intensify natural colours, the LEE100 Polariser features an integral ring with two clips. It simply snaps on to the front of the LEE100 filter holder, allowing you to use it with all your favourite filters.

The Polariser can then be precisely rotated for just the right degree of polarisation and remains securely attached until you’re ready to remove it.

Quick start Polariser video

105mm Polariser Ring

Our clip-on polariser ring lets you use a 105mm LEE polariser with the LEE100 filter holder. Simply hold the ring in the palm of your hand with the two grips facing upwards, place the polariser into the ring, and screw clockwise until secure. Now clip it onto the LEE100 filter holder and get going.

The 105mm polariser ring is designed to be compatible with our slimline Landscape Polariser. Other polarisers can be used, but they may have some angle-of-view restrictions.

Our system match tool

Use System Match to locate your camera lenses and discover which of our three filter systems we recommend for each lens. You’ll also learn exactly which adaptor rings you’ll need to get started.



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