Colour Effects Filters

We provide a large number of colour effects filters, ranging from subtle hues to strong, electric colours. Colour effects filters are also available in sets.

  • Sky Set
  • Sky Blue Set
  • Sunrise Set
  • Twilight Set
  • Sunset Set
  • Colour Grad Set
  • Pop Set
  • Pale Tint Set

Light Control Filters

Filters are widely used by black & white photographers for creative effect — most commonly to increase contrast between sky and cloud. Our light control filters consist of:

  • Black & White Filters
  • Solar Eclipse Filters

Warming Filters

Consisting of:

  • Coral Filters
  • Straw Filters
  • Coral Set
  • Landscape Set
  • Autumn Tint Set

Soft Focus and Effects Filters

Consisting of:

  • Net Filters
  • Fog & Mist Filters
  • Low Contrast Filters
  • Star Filters
  • Selective Star Set
  • Mist Set
  • Net Set

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