Our Stoppers are available in different strengths, each increasing exposure by different amounts and affecting the scene in different ways.

  • Little Stopper – 6 stops of light reduction
  • Big Stopper – 10 stops of light reduction
  • Super Stopper – 15 stops of light reduction

The Big Stopper is included in the LEE100 Deluxe Kit, and both the Big and Little Stoppers are included in the LEE100 Long Exposure Kit.

Super Stopper
Comparing Stopper and Proglass IRND Filters with Rachael Talibart

Stopper Exposure Guide

Our Stopper Exposure Guide app makes it easier than ever to calculate the correct exposure when using a Big, Little, or Super Stopper. It features precise conversion in 1/3 stop increments, a full range of exposures for each Stopper, and a countdown timer you can read at a glance.

View the exposure guide online

Our system match tool

Use System Match to locate your camera lenses and discover which of our three filter systems we recommend for each lens. You’ll also learn exactly which adaptor rings you’ll need to get started.



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