Suitable for use with both digital and film cameras, our neutral-density graduated filters balance the exposure within a scene, typically between the bright sky and considerably darker land.

Reduce exposure in one part of the scene while leaving the rest unaffected — with no colour casts on the end result.

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Nature in perfect balance

ND grads are the mainstay of every landscape photographer’s kit bag. Versatile and invaluable, they allow you to achieve the ideally exposed image in camera, rather than having to resort to correcting it later in post production. It’s possible to assess their effect on the camera’s LCD screen and adjust their placement as necessary.

As well as being available in different strengths, LEE Filters ND grads also come in a range of gradations. The LEE100 system features ND grads in soft, medium, hard, and very hard versions, making them suitable for nearly all eventualities. And grads can be stacked on top of each other or combined with different effects grads for even more creative options.

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