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LEE Elements


  • LEE Swatch App

    Available for iPhone and Android, our Swatch lighting app puts every LEE colour at your fingertips. Easily search and compare colours, fine tune selections, access our range of intuitive tools, and much more – all from your smartphone.
  • Man applies Zircon Long Life LED Filter

    Zircon – Long Life LED Filters

    Discover a new concept in LED filter design. With a lifespan up to 200 times longer than standard lighting filters, our Zircon range is designed to last. Sturdier, more durable and easy to use, they ensure consistent and long-lasting performance for LED lighting.
  • Applying a colour correction filter to the subject

    Colour Correction Filters

    Amidst an increasing number of light sources and the sensitivity of high-definition, matching one light source to another is a growing challenge. Here’s how our colour correction filters can be used to sort out unwanted colour casts and deliver maximum control.
  • Applying a colour conversion filter to the subject

    Colour Conversion Filters

    Looking for an easy way to change the colour temperature of your lights? Our colour conversion filters let you convert and manipulate light sources with the highest possible degree of accuracy, so you can warm up or cool down light to meet your specific needs.
  • Red filters being used on a set

    Mood Lighting

    Colour is essential to creating drama and atmosphere on stage. Check out these lighting tips and advice from professional lighting designer Declan Randall to help you create the right mood every time.
  • Woman showing the effect of filters on skin tone with movement

    Lighting Skin Tones

    Struggling to make your performers look their best on stage? The wrong colour choice can have a significant effect. Here’s how to manipulate light in a way that supports performers and makes them look as natural as possible in an on-stage environment.
  • Woman showing the effect of filters on skin tone with movement

    How Colour Works

    Choosing colour is arguably the most personal and intricate part of any lighting design. This video introduces the core principles of light and colour for lighting designers, providing ideas for how to choose colour and the science behind filters.
  • using diffusion filters on lighting

    Diffusion Filters

    In this video, lighting cameraman Robin Lambert takes a closer look at the various types of LEE Diffusion Filters and explains how to make the most of them. Check out his useful tips, advice and examples for diffusions, frosts and flexi-frosts.
  • Using the 718 Half Shanklin Frost filter

    All LEE Diffusions Compared

    See every LEE diffusion filter in action. We’ve demonstrated all the filters in our diffusion range to help you become a master of light.


  • Joe Cornish securing a Neutral Density Grad to his camera

    ND Grads – Joe Cornish

    Check out our practical guide to using Neutral Density Grads with landscape photographer Joe Cornish – including some advanced tips to help you balance light and make the most of a landscape.
  • Rachael Talibart using proglass for their shot

    Comparing Stopper and Proglass IRND Filters with Rachael Talibart

    For LEE Filters Ambassador and seascape photographer Rachael Talibart, being able to control her shutter speed is vitally important. Watch as she explores the difference between the LEE Filters Stopper Range and ProGlass IRND Filters.
  • Jonathan Critchley holding the Supper Stopper

    The Super Stopper

    With 15 stops of light reduction, the Super Stopper extends exposure time significantly. Fine Art Photographer Jonathan Chritchley shows how he uses it to get the shots he wants in the glare of the French sunshine.
  • David Noton shoots with a Graduated ND filter

    LEE Filters - Graduated ND Filters

    Our range of Neutral Density Graduated Filters are used to balance the exposure within a scene. Watch this video to learn how they are made using premium quality optical resin and why they should be a key part of any photographer’s kit bag.
  • Body of water shot with a mist filter

    Mist Filters

    Fine Art Photographer Jonathan Chritchley demonstrates how he uses the LEE Mist Stripe and LEE Mist Graduated filters to isolate his subjects and achieve the distinctive simplicity and sense of space he is known for.
  • Red orange and yellow filters from the sunset filter set

    Effects filters with Mark Bauer

    The subtle use of effects filters can enhance scenes in-camera and give very natural results. Watch Mark Bauer put our Sunrise and Sunset sets and Autumn Tint set to the test across a variety of locations.
  • Big Stopper display for shutter speed in the LEE Stopper App

    LEE Stopper App

    Discover how the features of our free app can help you get the most out of your Stopper photography – including an exposure guide, a built-in countdown timer, and a handy user guide.
  • Jeremy Walker applying a filter

    Inspiring Professionals

    Leading landscape photographers discuss their use of LEE Filters.
  • Large and small bottles of ClearLEE and filter cloth for filter cleaning

    Cleaning Filters with ClearLEE

    Any filter can pick up fingerprints or be impacted by rain, dust, pollen, sand and sea spray. Angela Nicholson, Reviews Editor at Camera Jabber, explains how our range of cleaning products can help keep your filters optically perfect.
  • A photographer shoots London, trialing circular filters

    LEE Elements

    Are you ready to find your element? Discover the infinite possibilities of our LEE Elements circular filter range.
  • Joe Cornish applies the LEE100 system to a camera

    LEE Filters - LEE100 System Overview

    Interested in the LEE 100mm System but not sure where to start? Landscape photographer Joe Cornish gives an overview of the hardware components and key filters, and explains how to set everything up to get the best results.
  • David Noton applies a filter to their camera

    LEE 100 System – David Noton

    See how professional landscape photographer David Noton captures some amazing landscape scenes using the LEE100 system, ND Graduated Filters and the LEE100 Polariser. Here’s why it’s our most flexible filter system yet.
  • David Noton attaches a polariser to their camera

    LEE100 Filter System - LEE100 Polariser with David Noton

    Designed to reduce haze and increase colour saturation, the LEE100 Polariser can be easily snapped into place where it will remain securely attached until you’re ready to remove it. In this video, professional landscape photographer David Noton puts it to work.
  • David Noton attaches a hood filter

    LEE Filters - LEE100 Hood - with David Noton

    If you need a way to block out off-angle light and protect your lens from rain and sea-spray, look no further than the LEE100 Hood. Watch professional landscape photographer David Noton explain how he uses it to capture the perfect shot.
  • David Noton attaches a tandem adaptor

    LEE Filters - LEE100 Tandem Adaptor - with David Noton

    Want to use two LEE100 holders rotating independently? Now you can, with the LEE100 Tandem Adaptor. In this video, professional landscape photographer David Noton takes it for a spin on location at Chesil Beach in Dorset.
  • David Noton uses an ND grad on a panoramic lens

    LEE100 System | ND grads on a Stitched Panoramic Image with David Noton

  • Attaching a LEE85 guide block to the holder

    LEE85 Filter guide blocks

    The LEE85 Holder uses the same modular filter-guide blocks as the LEE100 system, coming in one, two and three-slot configurations. Here’s how to quickly and easily swap guide blocks using the filter removal tool supplied.
  • Fitting a polarising filter

    LEE85 Fitting the polariser

    It's never been easier to fit a polarising filter. Here’s how to clip it into place, achieve the correct polarisation, and use it in combination with additional filters.
  • LEE85 Filter being secured to camera

    LEE85 3 step locking dial

    The innovative 3-step locking dial on the LEE85 Holder has been designed to give photographers maximum flexibility. This video explains how to use your locking dial.

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