Great things, small packages

The LEE85 system offers complete creative freedom. It can easily be attached, adjusted, and locked to the lens using just a finger and thumb, making it perfect for any kind of photography on the go.

It’s compatible with a wide range of filters, including:

  • Clip-on polariser
  • Neutral-density filters
  • The Little, Big, and Super Stoppers

LEE85 kits

The LEE85 system is available in four kits — Discover, Develop, Aspire, and Deluxe — covering entry level up to an all-inclusive system. Each kit includes three adaptor rings (58mm, 67mm, and 72mm) so the system can be used straight out of the box.

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LEE85 Adaptor Rings

Available in a range of sizes from 37mm up to 72mm, all suitable for wide-angle lenses. The rings screw on to the front thread of your lens, and the filter holder then clips onto the ring.

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LEE85 Stoppers

Our Stopper filters extend exposure times, making moving elements such as clouds, waterfalls, or rivers appear blurred or ghostlike. They are available in different strengths, providing varying levels of exposure and affecting scenes in different ways.

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The Big Stopper & Little Stopper

LEE85 Polarisers

Our polarisers remove potentially distracting reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as glass and water. They also increase colour saturation.

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LEE85 ND Filters

Our range of neutral-density graduated filters are used to balance the exposure within a scene, typically between a bright sky and darker land. LEE85 graduated and standard ND filters feature clearly labelled grip tabs, which increase the visible area and keeps fingerprints off the filter zone.

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LEE85 Specialist Filters

The LEE85 reverse neutral-density filters have been specifically designed to give you full control over images shot at the beginning and the end of the day. They have a stronger density in the centre of the filter, with a carefully designed transition zone that gives a natural, balanced exposure to the sky.

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LEE85 spare parts

The LEE85 Spares Pack includes pairs of replacement filter guide blocks with one, two, and three slots, plus guide-block removal tools. This all comes in a handy storage pouch.

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