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Light up the big (or small) screen

We’ve been the go-to choice for the world’s leading filmmakers for more than 50 years.

Our range of high-quality technical filters are designed to meet the exacting needs of all film & TV productions, no matter the location. By eliminating infrared pollution and ensuring all colours remain absolutely accurate, we enable cinematographers to focus on realising their creative ambition.

There’s a reason the film & TV industry trusts LEE.

Why LEE?

  • Decades of colour science experience
  • UK-based coating and manufacturing processes checked against scientifically generated parameters
  • Double-sided coating as standard for a longer working life and assured consistency
  • Industry-leading customer service and aftercare support
  • Global availability through more than 360 dealers around the world

Recommended filters

Technical filters

Our range of high-quality technical filters have been developed to convert and manipulate light sources with the highest possible degree of accuracy. Whatever look and feel you’re after, we have a filter for it.

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Zircon LED filters

Specifically designed to fine-tune the inconsistencies often associated with LED lighting. Sturdier and longer-lasting than their standard counterparts, they ensure your LEDs give the same performance time and time again.

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Filter lighting packs

Our wide range of packs give lighting designers everything they need to control common lighting conditions. Options include the Colour Magic Saturates Pack, the Diffusion Studio Pack, and the Master Location pack.

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Diffusion filters

Our diffusion filters are perfect for softening or spreading a light beam and smoothing the transition from highlights to shadows. Deliver a variety of lighting effects to create your perfect look and feel.

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