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Fluorescent Colour Sleeves

Get creative with fluorescent lighting! Our range of over 250 colour sleeves offers a no-hassle way to transform interiors and exteriors.

Fluorescent Sleeve Colours


Pre-assembled Sleeves

Colour Fluorescent Sleeves

You choose the colour and leave the rest to us. Your chosen colour is inserted into a clear sleeve and delivered ready to install.

The sleeves are made from a thermally stable, electrically insulating, polycarbonate. The ends of each sleeve are capped with an end cap; these end caps fix the sleeve to the fluorescent tube making installation easy. The sleeves are available in standard lengths for T5 and T8 diameter tubes.

It is recommended that you contact us if intending to use sleeves on T5 tubes, as your colour choice and tube wattage will determine if a sleeve is suitable.

The sleeves are not recommended for use on high output T5 tubes, as the extreme heat at either end of the tube can cause the filter to discolour.

‘An Additive Mix’ by Liz West (Fluorescent Sleeves)

Jpe Cornish with the LEE 100mm System

Artist Liz West fills a mirrored room with 250 coloured fluorescent tubes with LEE sleeves. Visitors are saturated with individual hues that collectively create an intense white glow in a seemingly endless space. Part of an exhibition at the National Media Museum.

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LEE Filters Colour Fluorescent Sleeves
Creative use of coloured fluorescents can radically transform interiors.

Self Assembly Sleeves

LEE Fluorescent Sleeves - Green Quick Roll LEE Fluorescent Sleeves - Blue Quick Roll LEE Fluorescent Sleeves - Red Quick Roll

LEE Filters can supply pre-cut "Quick Rolls" of your chosen colour along with clear polycarbonate sleeves – everything you need to assemble the inserts and sleeves.

The pre-cut "Quick Rolls" are 7.62m (25') long and are available for T5 and T8 diameter sleeves. Quick Rolls are also available in custom widths.

How to Fit Self Assembly Sleeves

Fitting Self Assembly Sleeves

1. You'll require a clear sleeve, a Quick Roll of colour, two end caps, a knife and a rod or pole to stuff the sleeve.

Fitting Self Assembly Sleeves

2. Unwind the roll of gel to the length of the sleeve.

Fitting Self Assembly Sleeves

3. Cut the gel slightly longer than the length of the sleeve.

Fitting Self Assembly Sleeves

4. Wrap the gel tightly around the rod or pole.

Fitting Self Assembly Sleeves

5. Holding the gel tightly around the rod or pole feed it into one end of the sleeve, then push through the sleeve until it comes out the other end.

Fitting Self Assembly Sleeves

6. Remove the rod or pole from the sleeve, leaving the gel inside the sleeve.

Fitting Self Assembly Sleeves

7. Trim off any excess gel from the ends of the sleeve.

Fitting Self Assembly Sleeves

8. Place end caps on both ends of the sleeve.

Easily Transform the Mood of a Room

Fluorescent Light Sleeves

Recessed fluorescent tube, no filter.

Fluorescent Light Sleeves

Amber filter.

Fluorescent Light Sleeves

Blue filter.

Fluorescent Light Sleeves

Magenta filter.

Dichroic Filters & Accessories

Fluorescent Sleeve


Over 50 Dichroic Glass

Filter Colours

Get Creative

Front – Magenta

Back – Dark Blue

TwoTone Sleeves

There are a number of different ways you can use coloured fluorescent sleeves creatively. A popular effect is a two-tone sleeve. This is where you have one colour at the front of the sleeve and another contrasting colour at the back. With over 250 colours to choose from the number of different colour combinations are endless.

Flourescent tubes with diffusion Flourescent tubes with diffusion Flourescent tubes with diffusion Flourescent tubes with diffusion

Diffusion Effects

Another effect that works well is the addition of some diffusion in front of the sleeves. The diffusion softens the light giving a soft, subtle blend of colours. The examples above show how the effect can be controlled by varying the distance between the tubes and the diffusion. More distance = More diffusion.

See our full range of diffusion options

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