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Spotlight Filters

LEE dichroic lighting filters offer unmatched colour purity and stability in glass or polycarbonate. The range delivers a complete architectural lighting solution with colour filters, diffusion filters, holders, louvres and accessories.

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Dichroic Architectural Lighting Filters

Dichroic Filters

Specifically designed to meet the demands of the lighting industry our dichroic filters are produced by the vacuum deposition of layers of thin metal films onto a substrate of borofloat glass or polycarbonate.

This production process creates spectacularly clear and pure colours that will not fade and are ideal for permanent installations.

Glass Range

  • More than 50 specially selected colours
  • 3.3mm thick for enhanced durability
  • Available in 15.8cm (6.25"), 19cm (7.5") and 25.4cm (10") frames and also unframed for MR16 and PAR16
  • Custom shapes and sizes also available
  • Designed for high temperature performance (up to 371°C)

NEW: Polycarbonate Range

Designed to colour correct LED sources, these filters provide the stability of a dichroic coating with the versatility of the polycarbonate base.

  • 0.76mm thick enabling an easy fit within the accessory slot of small fixtures
  • A growing range of stock colours
  • Custom colours and sizes available
  • High heat resistance on both sides
    (up to 100°C)

Dichroic Glass Series

LEE Glass Series

Professional Colours with Optional Diffusion

Chosen after extensive research among design professionals, the Glass Series colour palette provides a range of consistent, repeatable colours. This includes subtle, less saturated tones suitable for architectural use.

All the colours within the range are also available as frosted filters, enabling you to add colour and diffusion in the one filter.

Framed Glass

Our framed filters come in a lightweight Aluminium frame, available both plain or in a colour to suit all the popular lighting fixtures in the architectural and theatrical industries.

An innovative silicone gasket completely surrounds the glass, providing protection from both mechanical and thermal shock.

Framed Glass Filters
LEE Filters logo

Knowledge Base»

Take a look at the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our Dichroic Filters.

Dichroic Polycarbonate Filters

LEE Dichroic Polycarbonate Filters

Polycarbonate 0.76mm thick vs. glass 3.3mm thick

Colour Correct Your LED Light Source

Our new range of dichroic filters use a polycarbonate substrate making them durable and highly versatile. At only 0.76mm thick these filters can easily fit within a small fixture accessory slot.

The filters have a dichroic coating on one side providing optimal colour correction for permanent solutions. The polycarbonate substrate provides a high heat resistance hard coating on both sides. 11 colours stocked in 49.9mm diameter (custom colours and sizes available).

Why LEE Filters Dichroic Polycarbonate?

“After experimenting with standard polyester gels, it became apparent to us that longevity was a significant issue with LED sources.

The bleaching of the dyes in the gels did not allow for permanent installation, which is a necessity in large scale architectural applications.

The dichroic coatings allowed us to access a range of architectural filters without worrying about fading, and the polycarbonate base material gave us the flexibility to customize bulbs in ways not possible with glass.”

Zacky Wiegand, Smart Lighting

Photo: Smart Lighting

Dichroic Polycarbonate at Sparks Steak House
LEE Coloured Spotlights
Adding dichroic filters to spotlights can significantly change the mood of a room.

Frosted Dichroic Glass Filters

  • Frosted Glass - Before

    Unfrosted Glass

  • Frosted Glass - After

    Frosted Glass

Diffusion within these filters softens the light beam giving a more even and graduated lighting effect.

All the colours within the glass series are available as Frosted Dichroic Glass filters, enabling the lighting designer to add colour and diffusion with one filter.

Frosted Colour Dichroic Filters are colour-coated on one side by a vacuum deposition of metal film, and diffused on the other side. The diffusion creates an even soft frost, removing the halo effect when the frosted side is placed on the fixture outwards, away from the lamp.

The dichroic coating is able to withstand temperatures up to 371°C, allowing the colour to last for years without fading.

Available for MR16 and PAR 16 circular light fittings as well as custom shapes and sizes.

Specialised Technical Filters

  • LED Light

    LED Light

  • LED Light with warming filter

    Warming Filter

Warming Filters (CT Orange): will warm up a cool light source such as an LED light. They can also be used as a warm, amber colour or to reduce the colour temperature of a light source.

Cooling Filters (CT Blue): will cool a light source. They can be used as a cool blue colour or to convert tungsten light to daylight.

See our complete range of warming & cooling filters

Other Technical Filters:

UV Blocker: absorbs ultra-violet light.

Hot Mirror: reflects heat back into the light source.

Fluorescent Sleeves

Many creative options.

Fluorescent Sleeve


Over 50 Dichroic Glass

Filter Colours

Glass Diffusion Filters

  • Glass Diffusion Filters

    Glass Diffusion Filters

  • Custom Diffusion Filters

    Custom Sizes

The LEE range of Glass Diffusion Filters offers different densities of diffusion for a wide variety of lighting effects.

They are available for MR16 and PAR fittings as well as custom shapes and sizes.

The diagram below shows the diffusion effect created when using an 8°, 24° or 36° 50w MR16 bulb, at a distance of
92cm (3').

  • LEE Glass Diffusion Effects

    No Filter

  • LEE Glass Diffusion Effects

    Linear Diffusion

  • LEE Glass Diffusion Effects

    Linear Diffusion

  • LEE Glass Diffusion Effects


  • LEE Glass Diffusion Effects


  • LEE Glass Diffusion Effects


  • LEE Glass Diffusion Effects

    8° Lamp

  • LEE Glass Diffusion Effects

    8° Lamp

  • LEE Glass Diffusion Effects

    8° Lamp

  • LEE Glass Diffusion Effects

    8° Lamp

  • LEE Glass Diffusion Effects

    8° Lamp

  • LEE Glass Diffusion Effects

    8° Lamp

  • LEE Glass Diffusion Effects

    24° Lamp

  • LEE Glass Diffusion Effects

    24° Lamp

  • LEE Glass Diffusion Effects

    24° Lamp

  • LEE Glass Diffusion Effects

    24° Lamp

  • LEE Glass Diffusion Effects

    24° Lamp

  • LEE Glass Diffusion Effects

    24° Lamp

  • LEE Glass Diffusion Effects

    36° Lamp

  • LEE Glass Diffusion Effects

    36° Lamp

  • LEE Glass Diffusion Effects

    36° Lamp

  • LEE Glass Diffusion Effects

    36° Lamp

  • LEE Glass Diffusion Effects

    36° Lamp

  • LEE Glass Diffusion Effects

    36° Lamp

MR16 & PAR 16 Filter Holder

LEE MR16 Filter Holder

Attach filters directly to a MR16 or PAR16 bulb using the LEE Filters accessory holder.

Available in either black or silver, the screw-on holder fits securely to the bulb and can hold up to two filters.

This allows for a combination of colour, diffusion or louvre effects to be used on the one fitting.

Also suitable for compact fluorescent (MR16) bulbs.

MR16 & PAR 16 Clip-On Accessories

  • LEE Clip-On Filter Holder

    Clip-On Filter Holder

  • LEE Clip-On Baffle

    Clip-On Baffle

  • LEE Clip-On Barn Doors

    Clip-On Barndoors

LEE accessories clip-on to MR16 or PAR 16 bulbs and provide a quick and easy way to add a filter or limit glare. All are available in black or silver (packs of 5).

Clip-On Filter Holder: Enables you to easily attach a single filter to a standard open bulb.

Clip-On Baffle (also known as blade louvres): Traps the peripheral light sideways, limiting glare. The baffle also gives the fixture a more professional look.

Clip-On Barndoors Traps the light sideways. This limits the glare from the bulb and also enables you to direct the illumination from the bulb to a specific area.

The flaps are adjustable by rotation and by bending the hinges. The high quality material of the hinges enables you to adjust them a number of times.

MR16 & PAR 16 Louvres

  • Honeycomb Louvre

    Honeycomb Louvre

  • Custom Louvres

    Custom Sizes Available

Honeycomb Louvres reduce the glare from a light fitting. They are available in either a 45° or 60° angle and come in silver and black to match the LEE filter holders.

Louvres are also available in custom shapes and sizes enabling them to be used on a number of different light fittings.

  • 45 degree Louvre

    45° Louvre

  • 60 degree Louvre

    60° Louvre

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